Here’s the BUT.

With COVID guidelines our seating is limited at about 185 in the Sanctuary. For reference, 166 attended on Palm Sunday. Douglas Chapel & Moore Hall are set up for overflow with simultaneous video. We would appreciate a call or email to let us know your attendance plans.

In anticipation of this Sunday, realize we will need to sanitize the worship areas between services. If you attend at 7:30 please exit promptly so that process can begin. If you are going to attend at 9:30, there is no reason to arrive before 9 am, as we will be just completing the deep cleansing. Naturally, we would expect a larger crowd at 9:30, which means more likely winding up in one of the overflow venues. So if you can get out of bed there will be better seating at 7:30.

Also, with a 2nd service, we can use additional ushers, greeters, and if you have a Healthcare background, temperature & symptom screener. Please call or email us (psst – this will guarantee you a seat )

As you can see, we are pulling out all of the tricks to not have to turn away anyone or otherwise compromise our commitment to safety.

There are however, some take aways from Palm Sunday, that suggests we will need a little more cooperation to make this work. The Sanctuary is roped off to mark seating to maintain 6′ social distancing. IT IS NOT PERMISSIBLE to move or ignore the ropes – there were people who did that. The ushers are to seat everyone so we can maximize attendance. We had people refuse to sit where the ushers directed them. e.g. Because a single person relocated themselves to a pew that was marked for a family of 5 or 6, that family had to split up. Someone sat in “their pew” despite it already was occupied, eliminating the safe distancing requirement.

Masks must be worn covering the nose and mouth for the entire service. Again, there were some that felt it did not apply to them.

We will all have to make sacrifices for the luxury of in-person worship. Can we, in the Spirit of Christ, give of ourselves so ALL can be safe, comfortable, and most of all, accommodated for what is currently the privilege of in-person worship? If you feel unable to cooperate, our Live Stream is working perfectly, and return to normal not that too far away.