Update To In-Person Worship Protocols

We want you all to know that we are evolving the protocols for in-person worship. With our attendance seeing it’s typical seasonal decline, we will start reducing the ominous barriers that might affect peoples’ spirits. This Sunday we will remove the ribbons that divide pews but retain those that block whole pews, mostly every other pew. This will orient ourselves to practicing personal responsibility in maintaining the 6’social distance as you are seated. If all goes orderly, we plan to remove all of the ribbons for worship beginning on May 9th. Further, we will target June 6 to cease temperature checks, as outside temps will start being high enough to easily cause a person’s body temp to exceed 100° after walking from the parking lots. We emphasis that you should worship remotely if you don’t feel well. We will set up a sign in/check in procedure for recording attendance, and contact tracing if necessary.We will have to continue the mask requirement, as guidance suggests we need 25′ distancing for singing; we will address this protocol as CDC Guidelines evolve.As always, your support and cooperation are needed to get us through these times with our health and allow continued adjustments to the protocols.