New Bible Study



A morning summer study starting Wednesday, June 5 at 10:00 AM in Martin Hall

A Covenant in Christ Jesus
Ruth | 1 Samuel | Matthew | Luke | Ephesians

This summer, our lessons focus on how Jesus fulfilled the Law in the sense that it was given full meaning. Jesus emphasized the deep, underlying messages of the gospel; and this same message is continued through the apostle Paul and the writer of Hebrews. Relationships of faith empower us to live the covenant and spread the gospel message. The writer of the student book lessons is Kevin Baker; the teacher book writer is Timothy Bryan.

A Fulfilled Covenant
The first unit, in four lessons, reveals a new sign of the covenant for Jewish and Gentile believers, as recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke, Hebrews, and Colossians. During the celebration of the Passover, Jesus explained to the disciples that he would initiate a new covenant through his death. Paul explains that the sign of the covenant is now a relationship of the heart between God and God’s people, not circumcision.

A Heartfelt Covenant
The four lessons in this unit give new meaning and purpose to the Law. According to Matthew, Jesus began teaching the Law in a way that gave life to the hearer and the doer. Unlike other teachers of the Law, Jesus preached the transforming righteousness of the Kingdom. Jesus challenged the mere external observance of God’s law without internal transformation.

Covenant: A Personal Perspective
The four lessons in this unit focus on personal relationships between people in 1 Samuel, Ruth, and Ephesians. Ultimately, those relationships pave the way for the Messiah. After Christ established the New Testament church, relationships between people have been based on relationship with Christ Jesus. These relationships continue the work of Christ Jesus by spreading the gospel message.

Books are $10 and are available during study sessions, or at the church office.

Family Movie Night

Family Movie Night

Join us in the Sanctuary for a family movie on our new video system on Friday June 21st at 5:30 pm. We will watch “WONDER” starring Owen Wilson and Julia Roberts.  Based on the best-selling book of the same name and written by R. J. Palacio, WONDER is an inspiring story of a loving family whose son, born with facial differences, enters a mainstream school for the first time.
Run Time: 117 minutes
Rating: PG

We’ll be celebrating the “Strawberry Solstice” with Strawberry Shortcake for all. 

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