Christmas Pops Concert At Mesa Arts Center

All 50 tickets are sold! If you are transporting yourselves, you may pick up your tickets in the church office. If you are riding the busses, you may get them when you board. Busses will be leaving promptly at 2 pm


Sunday December 15th at 3 pm, The Salt River Brass Ensemble will preform their Annual Christmas Pops Concert. Velda Rose has acquired 50 tickets in the 1st 3 rows of the Mezzanine. This includes 3 Wheelchair seats, and all other seats involve no more than 2 steps. We will operate the church buses that can transport the first 28 people who sign up. The remaining will either drive themselves, or the Valley Metro Light Rail stops right at the Front Door!

Tickets are just $20 and you can sign up at the Sunday Welcome Kiosk, stopping in to or calling the Church Office.